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      Harvey looked at the speaker an instant, and then, recognizing him as poor Beauchamp's successor in the jury, was about to joke him upon his long fast, when his eyes, gleaming upon Holgrave, he thought it the most prudent course to make no allusion to the matter, but directly to reply to Wells's salutation.

      "A very pretty method, truly! You know not the miners and forgers of Dean Forest!why I would stake a noble to a silver-penny, that if you had discovered he was hidden there, and legally demanded him, he would be popped down in a bucket, to the bottom of some mine, where, even the art of Master Calverley could not have dragged him to the light of day until the Forest was clear of the pack:but, however, to speak to the point," perceiving that the steward's patience was well nigh exhausted"I saw Stephen Holgrave yesterday, in the Forest."

      "And is this the way, misguided zealot?" cried Sudbury"is this the way that you preach peace? What hast thou done with the royal Richard?""By the green wax!" said he, "you seem to think lightly of Black Jack's promises! What! you would bribe me to betray their secrets, would you? One never thinks of doing well, but some temptation is sure to come across.Come, come, give me the moneyI shall think of what you have said another time.Come, come, I can hardly speak for very drought!"

      "Nothing has been done to him but what he merited," answered Calverley, haughtily, surprised at her firmness, and by a singular feeling annoyed that solicitude for her husband should have called forth such an unusual demonstration.

      "Ye may tell his grace," cried Rugge, "that I for one will never return to my dwelling until a charter is granted to make all cities free to buy and sell in."


      "Sir leader," said De Vere, "we have come at the king's command to make known to these assembled Commons his grace's pleasure. Are ye willing to listen to the royal clemency?""Father John, you are freethe Tower is ours!" exclaimed Holgrave, flinging wide the massive door.


      The monk groaned deeply as he observed four or five men hewing with axes at a door which had resisted their first efforts to burst open; while two others were struggling with a man who seemed to be disputing their entrance; and a few paces from these lay, on a richly-worked counterpane, an infant, whose shrill cries mingled with the strife."And I am freed? and by the bond!" exclaimed the monk.